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Pause Technology licenses technology for use by systems that add value to TV or radio broadcasts. By digitizing, compressing and storing live broadcast programming in a mass-storage device operating under microprocessor control, these patented systems allow listeners and viewers to pause, rewind, replay, or skip through material being recorded from a live broadcast using VCR-like controls. The systems, employing a circular buffer, automatically capture and store the incoming live program from the selected station, even when the system is replaying a previously broadcast portion. Users can "catch up" to the live broadcast by fast-forwarding or skipping through the stored material.

The patented systems make use of U.S. Patent number RE36,801, which covers both video and audio systems. The patent was filed in 1992, and issued in 1995. In 1996, the Patent Office was asked by the investors to re-examine the patent. In 2000 it was reissued in its final form with its original filing date and enhanced claims.

U.S. Patent RE36,801